Project Phase I (Early Q1)

Written Mint (LORE Phase I)

A. Come February 7th the Written Mint commences granting public access to the correspondence between the world’s leading authorities on Abominables. Solving the embedded puzzles provides users with a Whitelist Ticket to the transactional mint on Febuary 19th. There are two types of tickets: Quickdraw and Slowpoke. A Quickdraw Ticket guarantees it’s owner with a discounted mint while a Slowpoke Ticket provides it’s owner with a place in queue. Slowpoke Tickets are internally numbered (meaning the owner doesn’t know the full extent of it’s value) until their place in queue is called upon. There are only 2000 Quickdraw Tickets and 4800 Slowpoke Tickets in circulation. The first 60 people to solve our puzzle(s) mint for free. For specifics on our minting process please click here.

We believe in mindful minting, sparing the environment, the user and the blockchain.

Transactional Mint

B. Once the Written Mint concludes the smart contract shall be publicly deployed. There shall be no rush, there shall be no panic, there shall instead be a 24hour window in which for all Quickdraw Ticket holders to mint. Doing so at their leisure when they feel that gas prices at their most reasonable. The Slowpoke Tickets shall then (in allotments of 400) be added to the Whitelist until all 4334 Abominables available to the public are minted.


C. Our reveal shall transpire 24hours~ after all 4400 Abominables have been minted; at which point our community can fully expect to find our collection available for trade on numerous platforms such as Opensea & LooksRare.

Project Phase II (Q1)

CollabLand Integration & Social Causes

D. Implementing into our Discord Server several new channels, features, functions and roles as per the upcoming changes/updates to CollabLands features our holders shall find, pending their Tribe, exclusive new channels for them to strategize/commune in. Each Tribe shall elect a Social Impact/Cause so as to pledge their winnings to should they choose to.

Ethical (In-House) Trading

E. Although more challenging than at first assumed, The TAB Team is commited to finding a way to provide to it’s users In-House Trading whether that be at little or no cost to the user or through a trusted, third party. This is to spare our community Secondary Market Fees, Royalty Fees and Gas Listing/Transactional Fees. We feel as though those seeking to change Tribes or simply change the way their Abominable looks should have the freedom to do so without paying numerous fees/charges.

Community Interface

F. Ensuring that the entire community remains engaged regardless of Tribe, NFT count, status or seniority we intend to schedule a weekly meeting every Wednesday over Discord. Striving to create a thriving and openly communicative discussion with positive vibes and energy we intend to hand the management reigns over to the community more and more each meeting. Ensuring that true democracy is upheld, we intend to utilize discord votes/polls regularly throughout such meeting so that those unable to voice their opinions are still heard.

Profile Picture Transformative Tool

G. Ensuring that the entire collection maintains uniform and presence across all forms of social engagement implemented into our website holders shall find a cropping tool capable of transforming your head-to-toe Artwork into a social proof PFP.

Project Phase III (Q1/2)

Deflationary Mechanism

H. Once our Burn Mechanic commences it’ll begin producing an ever-changing list of ‘Active Members’ each month. In order to become active and remain eligible for Tribal Dividends users must participate in the burn by voting. Users shall vote on the least four desirable Abominables contained within the collection. These less-than-desirable Abominables shall then be bought back by the team for double the floor price. They shall then be burned, permanently removing them from the collection. Reducing the overall supply so as to add value to the remaining NFTs in the collection. A minimum of four Abominables are to be burned each month. Abominables elected to be burned are not done so until the owner consents to such. This mechanic may be reduced in incriments as the project becomes more successful and the floor price rises.

Tribal Dividends

I. All four Tribes compete monthly via an ongoing competition in one of the following categories: Creative, Financial, Gaming and Pop Culture. You will find the specific rules and format of these competitions here on our Medium account. These competitions shall be ran by both the TAB Team and the Community and the winning tribe come the end of the month shall divide amongst it’s users holding the ‘Active Member’ status upwards of 60% of the month’s secondary sales royalties.You can find a detailed list mapping the first six months of Tribal Competitions on our Discord Server under the ‘Leaderboards’ tab or here on our Medium.

Tribal Leaders

J. Leaders shall be elected from the community by the community so as to not only represent their Tribe in warfare but help bridge the gap between the devs and the community. The first step in creating any decentralized entity is the slow and steady handing over of responsibility from the manifesting agent to the adopting entity. Entrusting those deemed worthy by each individual Tribe there shall come forth leaders prepared to take on certain roles and responsibilities. These leaders shall find themselves rewarded by both their Tribe and the devs for their engagement, service and ability to bridge.

Project Phase IV (Q3)


K. The project’s lore, lurking in the background, shall find itself at a crossroads. Engaging with it’s audience it shall take one of three directions, each direction destined undoubtedly to change forever the dynamic and fate of the project for good.

Integration of Abominable NFTs into IRL

L. The integration of our NFTs into our communities IRL is perhaps one of the most exciting and absurd aspects of our project. Having spoken to various artists who pride themselves on their ability to use hemp paper and malleable canvases to street artists looking to cover entire building-sides in major cities: we believe it’s possible for us to reward our holders with something physical, something tangible, something larger than life. A feat no NFT Collection has to date truly managed to conquer from billboards to basketball courts the TAB Team has pledged wholeheartedly to give our share of monthly royalties once annually to several community members (between 5 and 50) so as to integrate their Abominable NFT into their everyday lives. Undecided as of yet on how we’ll choose these members we shall rely heavily upon you, our community, to help us decide whom is indeed worthy of the honor.

P2E Games

M. Having within our ranks several ex-professional video game players (some active, others retired) and a couple influential streamers on the sidelines we feel it’s only fair that we strive towards building a community that upholds a “guild-like” feel so as to capitalize on the inbound wave of P2E Games (Play to Earn) like Illuvium and Aurory. Implementing a Karma System that rewards members that help other members within the TAB community, Karma points can be accumulated and later spent. In addition to maintaining fairness the Karma System shall serve best as a way for new holders who have only just joined the community or begun playing to quickly receive the resources necessary to catch up at the cost of Karma. Bolstering the Karma of those who helped catch them up in the process. Tying together a well implemented Karma system, several gaming veterans/ex-professionals and the sort of competitive yet tight-knight community feel that we’re striving for it is our best guess that we may very well cultivate a group capable of conquering whichever corner of the metaverse they happen to find themselves in.


N. Ultimately this community is to become entirely decentralized and void of all leadership. How it’ll get there and what such might look like a mystery to us. We’re nonetheless confident that if we start small, achieving minor yet noteworthy goals in the right direction that the formation of a genuine and wholesome DAO although distant, is anything but out of reach. With earnest intentions, a little luck and the sort of community we intend to cultivate, who knows? This ship might just learn to one day steer itself.

Anklyosaurus Tail War Mace

Mint Funds Allocation

  • CREATIVITY 50% 50%
  • TECHNICAL 15% 15%
  • COMMUNITY POOL 10% 10%
  • FINANCER 10% 10%

TAB Royalties

  • TEAM 40% 40%
  • COMMUNAL FUNDS 10% 10%

The Abominable Bunch Collection has a royalty fee of 5% on all trades that aren’t in-house. A number that took considerable time to land upon but a number that we feel is fair, encourages both holding and trading, sufficiently bolsters the Tribal Dividends Pool and provides the team with the necessary funds to sustain the project’s mechanics.

Bonsai Tree Boulder