I’ve never heard of a P2E Community— what’s that mean exactly?

Striving to cultivate the first ever Play-to-Earn Community our NFT Holders have access not only to exclusive Discord channels pending their NFT’s Tribe Stat but a competition in which the winning Tribe receives a portion of the projects royalties each month

Where mint?

A secure link to our minting DAPP shall be provided publicly on our twitter, website, medium and discord all at once upon the conclusion of the written mint. Those who answer correctly the written correspondence wave shall also receive via email a direct link along with how many Abominables they are eligible to mint.

How many Abominable NFTs are there?

1100 per tribe totalling 4400.

When reveal?

Reveal will take place roughly 24hours after all of the Abominables have been minted.

What will the cost per Abominable be?

0.065 – 0.09 ETH

How many Abominables can I mint?

A maximum of six provided that you decode all four correspondence waves. Successfully decoding a wave shall require you to then input your discord username, email address and Ethereum wallet ID. This is so we may add your addresses to both the mailing list and whitelist while minimizing abuse from those seeking to exploit our system. Those who qualify can expect to receive an email from our team prior to the mint sale confirming the extent of your eligibility (max of six).

What if I submit the correct answer to one of the written correspondence waves after all 1100 of the whitelist tickets pertaining to that particular wave have already been claimed?

There will be two types of tickets. Quickdraws and Slowpokes. A Quickdraw ticket means that you’ve answered a correspondence question with considerable haste; placing in the top 1100 and guaranteeing you a mint. Those who answered a wave question correctly after all 1100 Quickdraw tickets have been distributed shall instead receive a Slowpoke Ticket. These Tickets are internally numbered (implying that we can see your position in queue but you cannot) and shall then in batches provide those holding them with permission to mint after all Quickdraw Ticket holders have had ample opportunity to do so.

What if I submit an incorrect answer?

These waves shall be extremely difficult to decode and as such we’ve decided to grant all users unlimited attempts.

What is required of me to receive my share of dividends should my tribe win the monthly competition?

Only that you maintain the ‘Active Member’ status. To do so you must participate monthly in a burn vote in which where users shall veto four Abominables from the collection forever.

How does my tribe win said competition?

The answer to this question varies as the competitions stretch across four widely differing categories: Gaming, Finance, Creativity and Pop-culture. It could be your wealth of knowledge, it could be your video game prowess, it could be your elite math and chart skills, for all we know it could be your abundance of charm and charisma. Odds are, at some point, whatever you’ve got will help.

How will I know if I’m registered as an ‘Active Member’?

We will post an up-to-date list each month prior to the month’s competition commencement. New users who join the project part way through the competition must wait for the following month’s competition in order to receive dividends. As with anything in life, good things come to those who wait.

What separates TAB from all of the other aspiring NFT projects out there?

Well for one, we’re not a bunch of apes wearing baseball caps. For another our unconventional minting process leaves us absent a ticking website timer. Then there’s our refusal to whitelist those willing to spam their own friends and family and anyone who will listen with invites just for self gain, coupled with our disregard to reward those who converse with other users not out of genuine social desire but out of wanting to acquire -levels. There’s our 100% original, entirely unique and hand-drawn artwork void of any diamond grills or laser eyes courtesy of the one and only James Owen. Then there’s our truly unique roadmap and metrics, our unconventional team composition spanning the entire globe and our intent to transform this community into something more once P2E games become more prominent. So we’d like to ask you, wholesome FAQer: What makes us alike to any of those other projects?


66 Abominable NFTs will be set aside for the following: Team Members, Consultants, Future Giveaways, Community Members who prove themselves essential, Tribal Leaders and the Artists who provided test art for us (some at no charge) in the early stages of development and then of course, should we choose to partner up with anyone- Partnerships.