4400 Abominable NFTs divided into Four Separate Tribes

each with their own unique skin/traits/face stats

100% Original and Hand Drawn with over 160 traits and 10 atmospheric hues

totaling over 1040 unique stats

TAB NFTS provide access to Monthly Competitions that pay ETH to the winning Tribe

Artistic, Gaming, Trading & Pop-Culture

The Collection contains a built in Burn Mechanism in where every month four Abominables are burnt

rewarding the holder

Each Tribe shall elect their own Social Cause with the option to pledge monthly rewards

The team shall provide social-proof




causing moral revulsion.
“the uprising was suppressed with abominable cruelty”


loathsome | detestable | hateful | odious | obnoxious | despicable |  contemptible |  diabolical | disgusting | revolting …

very bad; terrible.
“what an abominable mess!”

The Abominables are hominids, not humanoids, just ask Lloyd Pye. Upwards of ten feet tall, wielding razor sharp claws, wearing diamond tough skin and out living even the tallest of trees no longer do beings capable of causing them harm walk the earth. Divided by the continents long ago the Abominable tribes almost never cross paths and when they do seldom ever is it without violence. That said, something, somewhere, stirs them. So much so that those who track them for a living, Abominable Hunters as they’re called, have begun corresponding with one another after a long standing silence so as to discuss the increase in bizarre behavior.

Ancient Sword

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